Blue Orange Pte Ltd

Education Through Innovation

An education technology company focusing on video learning technology and solution.

A Leader In

Lecture Capture

Our lecture capture system, Classroom Replay™, with an installed base of more than 500 rooms, is the market leader in Singapore for automated lecture capturing.

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Quiz Creation Integrated With

Question Bank

With more than 20, 000 Secondary Science questions in the question bank, our QuizCr8 portal enables the creation of hundreds of quizzes.

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Learn, Engage, Assess With

Superstar Teacher

Our Superstar Teacher programme offers three main approach for better learning.

  • Learn from video lessons focusing on topical coverage and a strategy-based learning approach.
  • Engage with top subject experts for instant homework help.
  • Assess lesson understanding with interactive quizzes.
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MyHomeTutor Campus

Enriching Minds Since 2008

At MyHomeTutor Campus, pedagogy is enhanced by technology. The best teachers deliver lessons, empowered by video, projection slides, WACOM tablet applications and the internet.

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